Engine Porting Packages

Our porting package which has been dyno developed and tested in the field increases the powerband and torque all the way through the rpm range. We recommend our Billet Head as a great addition for additional cooling and HP to the porting setup.

Their Price: $495.95

OUR PRICE: $449.95


Available for: 500ss, 600SDI, 600etec, 800R, 800etec engines.

Cudney Racing Clutch Kits include, a set of adjustable weight pins, a new primary spring, a new secondary spring, a new teflon coated qrs helix, instruction kit and decal.

XP QRS Clutch Kit

Regular: $379.95

OUR PRICE: $299.95

XP DUAL RING Piston Kits

Available for: 600SDI, 600etec, 800R, 800etec engines.

The kit consist of 2 pistons, which have moly coated sides and ceramic tops with DUAL CHROME RINGS, wrist pins, circlips and CAGED BEARINGS. These are direct install kits and require no changes.

Regular: $379.95

OUR PRICE: $359.95

Also Sold separately.

PB80 - Primary Clutch

Now available for the 600, 800 and 1200 series engines!

The new PB80 Primary Clutch is lighter than the TRA Primary and allows the engine to spool faster with improved clutch cooling cooling.

Regular: $559.95

OUR PRICE $539.95

PB80  Primary CLUTCH - Holding TOOL

PB80 Clutch Holding Tool. This is Needed to work on the PB80 Clutch

Reg Price $29.95

OUR PRICE $24.95

QRS Secondary CLUTCH Compression tool

QRS Secondary spring compression tool. Required to remove the QRS helix.

Reg Price $89.95

OUR PRICE $79.95

QRS secondary TORX wrench

This reversible ratcheting wrench is used to remove and install the qrs helix without removing the shaft. This single-end, flat wrench is 9-3/4" long with a T-40 torx bit. The low profile design allows for easy access to the helix bolts between the frame and the clutch and the vinyl grip provides a comfortable ergonomic grip and prevents the wrench from scratching or marring your machine.

Reg Price $59.95

OUR PRICE $49.95